Selectos de Castilla - 西班牙油封鵪鶉(2隻) Spain Quail Confit (2units) - 400g

Selectos de Castilla - 西班牙油封鵪鶉(2隻) Spain Quail Confit (2units) - 400g
Selectos de Castilla - 西班牙油封鵪鶉(2隻) Spain Quail Confit (2units) - 400g

Selectos de Castilla - 西班牙油封鵪鶉(2隻) Spain Quail Confit (2units) - 400g

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Selectos de Castilla is a company that produces Duck🦆 and Foie Gras products in an artisanal and traditional way with the ducks🦆 that it raises, stuffs and slaughters on its own farm and slaughterhouse. The control of the feeding of the ducks🦆, of their extensive breeding, of their traditional stuffing as well as the recipes for preparations without additives or preservatives in their facilities, allow total traceability and transparency that allow them to serve in Spain🇪🇸, Europe and the rest of the world with a quality guarantee and rigorous quality controls.

Cooking method

  1. Preheat oven to 425F🌡
  2. Add some melted duck fat from the can to the pan and sear quail🐥 on breast side only for ~4-5 minutes⏱ or until browned.
  3. Flip it and place in oven for ~ 8-10 minutes⏱ or until cooked through. Quail🐥 can also be served slightly pink in the middle.
  4. Don't want to wash pan? No problem. Can go to the oven at 425F🌡 around 15-20 mins⏱ will work for cooking quail.

quail🐥, duck fat, 100% natural, without additives or preservatives

400g (2 quail)

5 years


Selectos de Castilla 是一家以手工和傳統方式生產鴨🦆和鵝肝產品的公司,使用其在自己的農場和屠宰場飼養、填充和屠宰的鴨子🦆。控制鴨子🦆的餵養、它們的廣泛繁殖、它們的傳統餡料以及在其設施中不含添加劑或防腐劑的精心製作的食譜,實現了完全的可追溯性和透明度,使它們能夠在西班牙🇪🇸、歐洲和世界其他地區具有質量保證和嚴格的質量控制。


  1. 將烤箱預熱至425F🌡
  2. 在鍋中加入一些從罐頭中🥫融化的鴨油,只在鵪鶉🐥的胸部燒製4-5分鐘⏱或直到變色。
  3. 翻面後放入烤箱約8-10分鐘⏱或至熟透。鵪鶉🐥也可以在中間略帶粉紅色的地方食用。
  4. 不想洗鍋?沒問題。可以將鵪鶉🐥放入425F🌡的烤箱,焗大約15-20分鐘⏱就可以了。

鵪鶉🐥、鴨油,100% 天然,不含添加劑或防腐劑




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