La Tourangelle - 核桃油 500ml Walnut Oil

La Tourangelle - 核桃油 500ml Walnut Oil
La Tourangelle - 核桃油 500ml Walnut Oil

La Tourangelle - 核桃油 500ml Walnut Oil

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La Tourangelle walnut oil is hand crafted in the Tourangelle artisan oil mill based in the Loire Valley in France. The walnut oil is made from the best walnuts, slowly roasted to perfection, and then pressed. Its strong, rustic flavours go brilliantly with raw bitter vegetables like endives and chicory. A drizzle of the caramel-coloured walnut oil enhances the flavour of hard, nutty cheese, and makes bean and lentil dishes that little bit more sophisticated.

The production of gourmet oils is a time-honoured tradition in France. Originally, each village had a mill which roasted and extracted the oil from nuts gathered by local farmers. These delicious oils were used in hearty rustic fare and were also found in Paris’ finest restaurants. Yet today, La Tourangelle is one of just a handful of traditional oil producing mills. traditional  family-run producer of the highest-quality oils and vinegars. 

Ingredients: 100% walnut. Manufactured in a factory handling dried fruits and sesame seeds.

- A wide range of nutritional values to help reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol and protect our heart
- Ideal for salads, cakes, stir-fries, pastas, breads, etc.
- La Tourangelle is made in France, using traditional French artisanal oils
- One of the world's leading artisanal oil houses with a history of 150 years

La Tourangelle核桃油是在位於法國盧瓦爾河谷的Tourangelle工匠油坊手工製作的。核桃油由最好的核桃製成,慢慢地烘烤到完美狀態,然後壓榨。其強烈的鄉村風味與生的苦味蔬菜(如內臟和菊苣)相得益彰。滴上一滴焦糖色的核桃油,可以增強硬的、有堅果味的奶酪的味道,使豆類和扁豆菜餚更加精緻。

生產美食油是法國的一項歷史悠久的傳統。最初,每個村莊都有一個磨坊,從當地農民收集的堅果中烘烤和提取油。這些美味的油被用來製作豐盛的鄉村菜餚,也可以在巴黎最好的餐館找到。然而今天,La Tourangelle是僅有的幾家傳統製油廠之一。傳統的家庭式生產最高質量的油和醋。

成分。 100%核桃。在處理乾果和芝麻的工廠中製造。

• 多種營養價值,有助減低壞膽固醇的濃度,保護心臟
• 適合製作涼拌、沙律、蛋糕、炒菜、意粉、塗麵包等
• La Tourangelle 來自法國,堅持採用傳統法式手工製油
• 擁有 150 年歷史,世界知名的手工油坊之一

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