Clovis - 法國芥末籽醬 200g Wholegrain Mustard

Clovis - 法國芥末籽醬 200g Wholegrain Mustard
Clovis - 法國芥末籽醬 200g Wholegrain Mustard

Clovis - 法國芥末籽醬 200g Wholegrain Mustard

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Clovis, from the famous French Champagne region of Reims, has been a family business for 220 years, specialising in the production of authentic French champagne, white and red wines, followed by traditional mustards and vinegars made with a unique brewing technique.

The secret of Clovis is the high quality of the mustard and vinegar produced in its champagne cellars, with a sense of prestige that has been passed down through the generations like champagne.
Its French mustard was awarded a silver medal at the 2012 World Mustard Competition.

Named after the first king of France, Clovis was first baptised in Reims in 496 and was the city of coronation for all French kings from 751 to 1825.

Taste: Traditional French Wholegrain mustard with lots of small mustard seeds and a pungent mustard flavour.

Perfect for: any kind of steak, such as steak, lamb, chicken or hot dogs, but also as a sauce, just add a dash of sauce and mix well.

Clovis 法國高洛牌 - 來自著名法國香檳地區 Reims,至今已有220年歷史,為一歷史悠久的家族事業,專門出產正宗法國香檳、白酒及紅酒,後來再以獨特醞釀技巧製造出傳統的芥末及醬醋。

Clovis 屹立不搖的秘訣是於其香檳酒窖中,用心釀製出高品質的芥末及醬醋,亦有著如香檳般世代相傳的高貴感。

Clovis 是以法國第一位國王命名,克洛維斯是496年在Reims首次受洗的國王,隨後從751到1825年成為所有法國國王的加冕禮城市。


適合菜式: 除了可醮點任何扒類如牛扒雞扒羊扒、雞塊或作熱狗外,亦可煮成汁料,只需一點點加入汁料拌勻,便能令菜式帶出新口味。

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