Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g

Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g
Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g
Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g
Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g

Ooh - 麻辣青豆 Mala Green Peas - 100g

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Ooh is Singapore's favourite spicy snack brand, made with traditional spices such as dried chillies, peppers, ginger, fennel and a lot of spicy favourites. The low-calorie, nutrient-rich, antioxidant-rich green beans are topped with hand-pounded spices to give you a numbing and tingling taste in every bite. Now you can add crunch to your meals by adding it to rice, noodles, porridge or even salads, or simply pair it with your favourite beer, cider or wine to liven up your spicy parties.

Ingredients: green beans, wheat flour, rice flour, palm oil, corn starch, dried chillies, peppercorns, pepper, ginger powder, fennel, sugar, salt and food colouring (E102 & E133)

Allergen information: The plant where this product is produced also handles dairy products, crustaceans, seafood, fish, soya, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

Net weight: 100g
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Ooh 是新加坡最受歡迎的麻辣小吃品牌, 使用傳統香料,如乾辣椒、胡椒、生薑、茴香和很多對於麻辣的喜愛來製作。加上熱量低,營養豐富,富含抗氧化劑的青豆並淋上手工搗碎的麻辣香料,使你品嘗時每一口都有麻辣帶來麻木和刺痛口感。 現在你可以加在米飯、麵條、粥甚至沙拉,為您的餐點添加鬆脆的口感,或者簡單地將其與您最喜歡的啤酒、蘋果酒、葡萄酒搭配,為您的麻辣派對增添活力。




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